Vehicles Access through Sensor Detection

This is an idea which helps in preventing major injuries in accidents. In our daily life we come across many accident news. As we observe that most of the major injuries are due to lack of safety Like in bikes most of the people don’t wear helmets and in car they don’t keep seat belts these are the reasons for major injuries.
So to overcome this issue, I have an idea to access the mobile vehicles by sensor detection.

1.For Bikes :
To start a bike along with keys, we will make sure that the person who is driving the bike is wearing helmet or not by sensor detectors(hook the clip of helmet).If the person is not wearing helmet, then he won’t able to start the bike.So we will make mandatory to wear the helmet.
2.For Cars :
In the same way to drive a car,it is mandatory for all passengers and driver to wear seat belt.Here the sensors will make sure that all the people inside the car are wearing seat belts or not, if everyone is not wearing seat belts then they wont be able to start the car