Voice Based E-mail for Visually Challenged

As the title suggests, the application will be a web-based application for visually impaired persons using IVR- Interactive voice response, thus enabling everyone to control their mail accounts using their voice only and to be able to read,send, and perform all the other useful tasks. The system will prompt the user with voice commands to perform certain action and the user will respond to the same. The main benefit of this system is that the use of keyboard is completely eliminated, the user will have to respond through voice and mouse click only.
Now you must be thinking that how will a blind person will see the correct position on the screen for doing mouse clicks. But this system will perform actions based on the clicks only that is left click or right click, it does not depends on the portion of the screen where the cursor is placed before the click giving user the freedom to click blindly anywhere on the screen. for more information :https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/project-idea-voice-based-email-visually-challenged/


Yeah.It is really good idea :clap: and it is more useful for blinds