Youth Empowerment

“Let not thy winged days be spent in vain,
When once gone no GOLD can buy them back again”

There are 1.8 billion youth and biggest impact on them is the youth themselves.
This Connected generation brimming with ideas should be given a voice and platform where they matter and their ideas are considered worth spreading. And this is my idea,

To empower youth to think and reinvent the traditional ways for the innovative ones,
To encourage youth that they matter and their ideas can be put into action,
Lastly that they are the future and the world is in their hands and they have the power to shape.

This platform is now provided by UN Youth2030 strategy where the UN wants to work with youth for the youth. This strategy is implemented realizing their potential and creative ideas. Many major organisations have committed to adopt this strategy because why not they have 1.8 billion reasons to do so!
We should all take part and give our contribution for the world we are going and make.

“Every Accomplishment starts with a decision to try”

Laxmi Priya Kasi